• Sarah and I were discussing what we wanted the theme to be for our September designs. She had made this gorgeous mandala design that reminded me of this gate metal work with a sun and a moon.

    I've always been very interested in the duality of the sun and the moon. They both hold such importance to life on our planet. Additionally, when I think of September, it's a time of transition. The air starts to get a bit cooler and the nights a little longer. This feels like a time when the sun and the moon are truly working in tandem.

    As you don these socks, remember that we cannot have light without dark and no dark without light. There's a balance to everything in our universe!



  • This is my very first subscription sock since I’ve started working here, so I wanted it to be special.

    My mom instilled a deep love and appreciation for the moon in me, ever since I was young. She’d get me out of bed at night to go outside and look at the moon. She showed me a movie called La Misma Luna, or Under the Same Moon. And once I left home, I’d get a text every so often asking “Did you see the moon tonight?”

    I was inspired to add the sun by artwork often seen in traditional Mexican talaveras, where the sun and moon are combined as one. Doing so creates a tangible depiction of “Yin and Yang,” and provides a bit of an alternative to our reality, where the sun and the moon are destined to be apart. It represents the possibility that opposite forces can come together, existing peacefully as one and creating something beautiful.