• From Kennedy, The Hicks's Designer:

    The first word of inspiration I thought of when starting this design was groovy. I’ve always been drawn to the 70’s and the groovy patterns of the era. I tend to practice going with the flow in my own life and thought it would be interesting to bring that concept onto a sock.

    As you can see, this design looks much like a lava lamp. I’ve always found those to be so fun and mesmerizing. March is also that time of year that brings transition from winter to spring. Throughout this transition, I hope you stay groovy and go with the flow!

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  • From Sarah, The Moth's Designer:

    To be quite honest, moths scare me quite a bit. All bugs do, in fact, which is something I begin to anticipate right around this time of year. March to me means lush greens, getting pinched, and swatting away all the newly hatched bugs.

    Despite my fear, I find moths to be as beautiful as they are terrifying, and love seeing them incorporated into illustrations. Their wings are glorious, with such intricate and beautiful patterns, which directly inspired this sock. After staring at moths for a good half hour in search of the perfect reference for my design, I’m decidedly less scared of them now.

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