• From Sarah V., The Weaver's Designer:

    My inspiration comes from a love and appreciation of American folk art. More specifically, the stepped notches of tramp art cigar boxes of the late 1800s (please Google the history of it!).

    Folk art has always been considered low brow within the art world. Quotidian, if you will. But what I find makes it so beautiful is how, at its heart, it is our stories made tangible.

    The vibrancy of woven blankets, the notches in the woodwork, the hand printed ceramics, they are our family. Our legacy. Given and shared to live on long past our time, saying we were here and we made something beautiful in this world.

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  • From Sarah V., The Garden's Designer:

    You know when you rub your eyes a bit too long, and see patterns behind your eyelids? As a Tex-Mexican that was born and raised here, my patterns are colorful florals like the ones seen in this sock.

    This pattern is reminiscent of the embroidery found on Huipiles, which are traditional embroidered dresses originally found in Indigenous Mexican cultures. It’s also inspired by Otomi or “Tenangos” , another Mexican style of embroidery.

    The work behind this embroidery is detailed, meticulous, and requires as much patience as it does talent. My design pays homage to the hard working artisans and the dexterous hands that create these works of art.

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