• From Maureen, The Fala's Designer:

    The busy holiday season is before us with the ever growing to do lists and holiday plans how do we ever manage it each year?! For me, it's finding that perfect flow state: equal parts
    calming cadence and deep concentration. This sock design was inspired by the soothing beauty of rhythmic flow and the power behind even the calmest of tides. Breathe easy and ride that wave and let it take you to reaches further than your imagination.

  • Mood Board for The Fala

  • From Kennedy, The Ila's Designer:

    This sock design was inspired by the Northern Lights and the phenomenon it symbolizes! The Aurora Borealis represents part of life's circle where the spirits of the dead remain in the sky as an everlasting symbol for their loved ones to forever feel their presence. As we embark into the season of giving, and gratefulness, I wanted to embody family connections. I hope we all are able to take time to be appreciative of those around us!

  • Mood board for The Ila