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The Tartan is named for the pattern by which it was inspired. Tartan, historically, described the individual colors and patterns of the heavy traveling cloaks worn by the Scottish people to protect them from the cold Scottish winters. Because different weavers had different dyes available to them regionally, these patterns came to be known as unique identifiers of regional Scottish clans, and are still a large part of the Scottish tradition. The Sock Club family may not be a regional one, but we are proud that our members all receive the same pattern every month, and are able to share in each other’s tradition. 


Sock Features

  • Made in North Carolina, Designed in Austin, Texas
  • Comprised of 75% Cotton, 21% Nylon, 4% Lycra

Sock Sizing 

  • Small fit Women's shoe size 5-8 and Men 3-7
  • Medium fit Women's shoe size 9-12 and Men 8-12
  • Large fit Women's shoe size 13-16 and Men 13-15
  • Youth fit ages 6-9
The Tartan

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