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The Sloth - The Dodo

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 How... long... would... it... take... for... a... sloth... to... put... on... socks...? ⏰⏳


FOREVER! But even if sloths fall short with punctuality, we have a lot to learn from these tree-dwellers. They move so slowly that algae grows on their fur, which actually provides great camouflage against fast-moving predators! Make everyone's favorite slowpoke your new role model by chilling out, pulling on these socks, and kicking up your feet. Extra credit if you learn the ways of the sloth from the comfort of your own couch. With snacks. Don't worry you'll get there, grasshopper.


Great news! In partnership with The Dodo, 10% of the proceeds from each pair of our sloth socks will benefit the Animal Welfare Institute. More socks = more sloths = more love.


Sock Features

  • Made in North Carolina, Designed in Austin, Texas
  • Comprised of 75% Cotton, 21% Nylon, 4% Lycra

Sock Sizing 

  • One Size Fits Most (Women's shoe size 9-12 and Men's 8-12)