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The Ray

The Ray

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Sock Features 

  • Made in North Carolina, Designed in Austin, Texas
  • Comprised of 75% Cotton, 21% Nylon, 4% Lycra

Sock Sizing 

  • Small fit Women's shoe size 5-8 and Men 3-7
  • Medium fit Women's shoe size 9-12 and Men 8-12
  • Large fit Women's shoe size 13-16 and Men 13-15
  • Youth fit ages 6-9


The Ray - our May 2022 Classic Style

Our classic design for May takes us back to a tried and true – the trusty stripe. From elegant pinstripes to graphic blocks of color, there is a stripe for every occasion. This month, we’re diving headfirst into the hues of summer in a casual style prime for scenic hikes and backyard barbecues. Heck, go ahead and give the old socks and sandals a try! Why not? No matter what you do to “take a breather” this vacay season we will be with you, in sock and in spirit!

-Lizzie Stratton, Sock Club Designer


The Story About Our May 2022 Socks:

Let’s all take a collective deep breath. Do you feel just a little bit calmer? It’s safe to say that life has felt busy lately…like, really busy. Between the spring cleaning, soaking up the sun and getting back into the swing of things post-pandemic, it seems as if our to-do list is growing longer each day. 

As we were discussing what our inspiration was for our May socks, we were inspired by well…ourselves. Instead of searching for the latest and greatest trend, we thought, “let’s do what we do best”. This month's socks are a classic take on our most favorite geometric and stripe patterns with bright pops of color. 

We hope that you gain inspiration from our “let’s do what we do best” sentiment. When our schedule is packed, it’s important to remember that going back to the basics is okay and encouraged. Make that to-do list, pack your Google calendar with color-coded time slots, maybe even take a day off to reset! Listen to what you need in this busy time and be kind to yourself.

Time-blocking exercise: Block out specific times in your day to get related tasks done. Have a bunch of emails? Block out time from 10AM-12PM to answer them. Need to do laundry? Time yourself and do 30 minutes of laundry in the evening. It can work wonders!

- The Sock Club Team

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