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The Umbrella

The Umbrella

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After a long winter, the rain that April brings is quite rejuvenating. Because for the past few months, rain usually brought cold along with it, which I personally don’t enjoy too much. Once April swings around, the weather starts to get a bit warmer, and the rain becomes so comforting. You can even go outside and jump in a puddle without the risk of your socks freezing to your feet.

So these socks are made special for you to go outside and get soaked in puddle water. You might have wet feet, but they’ll be adorable wet feet! Happy puddle splashing!

- Sarah Valenzuela, This Month's Designer


Sock Sizing 

  • Small fit Women's shoe size 5-8 and Men 3-7
  • Medium fit Women's shoe size 9-12 and Men 8-12
  • Large fit Women's shoe size 13-16 and Men 13-15
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