• From Vivian Friedel, The Raven's Designer:

    Cold feet, nevermore! Edgar Allan Poe’s classic poem, The Raven, serves asthe perfect inspiration for this month’s classic design. Best worn on cold, moody nights as you chase away pesky ravens, of course. I felt that anelegant motif and muted color palette fit the narrative quite well and also blends perfectly into a proper, astute wardrobe.

  • Mood Board for The Raven

  • From Vivian Friedel, The Haunted Parlor's Designer:

    If you’re bold enough to venture into a haunted house, these socks will lift your spirits and put you in the mood for some proper ghost hunting! I felt inspired by victorian portrait galleries, but wanted to add an extra touch of kitschy halloween colors. With these on, you’ll feel right at home in any haunted house with the ghosts and living alike!

  • Mood board for The Haunted Parlor